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As a former marketing manager, I found my creative outlet in DESIGN…

Precilla Stockdreher Web Designer

Core Values



User-Centric Approach

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Hello, I’m Precilla! I am a cum laude graduate in nursing who worked as a nurse for 6 years in the Philippines before transitioning to design & digital marketing back in 2017.

As a self-taught Marketing Designer, I started working remotely while traveling the world for 2 years, living the digital nomad lifestyle. I’m currently based in Berlin, Germany, but I offer remote services worldwide.

Being an experienced Nurse and Marketing Manager, I understand the unique challenges that doctors, wellness practitioners, and in general,  small businesses and entrepreneurs face in building their online presence.

I love helping businesses create an online presence that is visually appealing, user-friendly and can attract more customers. Let us work together to make your brand stand out!

“Digital marketing may get the traffic but DESIGN is what makes them stay.”

As a creative strategist, my focus is on understanding your business goals and creating designs that align with your brand values while delivering meaningful user experiences.

I am thrilled to work with clients from around the globe especially in the health and wellness industry, bringing their visions to life through intentional and impactful designs. With my remote services, location is never a barrier.

Let us collaborate to create something impactful to your business!

Precilla Stockdreher working remotely on web design projects
E-commerce web design - elegant with green & velvet color

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