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Compounding Cosmetics

Logo & Branding Identity Design | Web Design & Development in Wix

Compounding Cosmetics, a cutting-edge research and development laboratory based in Florida, USA, specializes in crafting bespoke products for Health & Wellness Practitioners, guiding them from inception to market fruition.

Vanessa Thomas, the CEO & Senior Chemist, entrusted me with the task of designing a refined, professional, and top-tier branding identity that resonates with her brand ethos and appeals to her target demographic.

The objective was to optimize her website for mobile devices and streamline the process for customers to easily schedule discovery calls.

Here is a breakdown of the tasks undertaken for Compounding Cosmetics:

1) Logo Design (Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Icon Logo)

2) Branding Identity Design & Guide in PDF format

3) Web Design using Adobe XD

4) Website Development on the Wix platform

5) Copywriting services

6) Graphic Design

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