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Freelance Formulations for Chiropractors

Landing/Sales Page Design & Development in Wix

Freelance Formulations, a Florida-based cosmetic product laboratory, specializes in custom product development from inception to market launch.

At the request of Vanessa Thomas, CEO & Senior Chemist, I created a green/clean Landing Page tailored for their marketing campaign targeting Chiropractors, aligning with their main logo & branding identity.

Ensuring alignment on the Landing Page Lead Magnet, Call-To-Actions, and Lead Generation Forms prior to design, our objective was to deliver an eye-catching, easily duplicable Landing Page for the Chiropractors/Wellness/Pain Relief Industry.

To achieve this, I crafted a Landing Page Wire Frame in Adobe XD, designed and developed the Landing Page in Wix, performed graphic design enhancements, provided stock photos, and refined the copywriting.

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