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Freelance Formulations - Formula Footprint

Landing/Sales Page Design & Development in Wix | Copywriting | Workbook Design

As the designer for Freelance Formulations' Formula Footprint Strategy Call service, I've created a visually engaging landing page that features a formula and footprints, symbolizing their guidance through pre-product development strategies.

Using Freelance Formulations' branding, the design ensures a cohesive visual representation.

Precilla Designs' objective is to draw users into an immersive journey with Freelance Formulations, starting with an exploratory strategy call to discuss their Formula Footprint Pre-Product Development Strategy.

Key tasks I completed for Freelance Formulations include:

1) Landing Page Design in Adobe XD
I meticulously designed a visually captivating blueprint for a seamless user experience.

2) Developed Responsive Landing Page on Wix
I translated the design into a functional, user-friendly interface on the Wix platform.

3) Copywriting for Landing/Sales Page
I crafted compelling copy to resonate with the target audience and convey our unique value proposition.

4) Redesigned Formula Footprint Workbook
I ensured consistency in branding and user experience by aligning it with the new Landing Page.

These efforts have strengthened Freelance Formulations' online presence, showcasing expertise and empowering clients to bring unique cosmetic products to market.

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