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Oliver Weiss Clinic

Logo & Branding Identity Design | Web Design & Development in Wix | Graphic Design

Oliver Weiss Clinic, based in Limburg, Germany, and Cebu, Philippines, sought Precilla Designs for a comprehensive brand redesign, covering logo, marketing materials, and website.

Previously lacking Brand Identity Guidelines, I introduced this framework to ensure cohesive future designs. They also wanted subtle design changes so that their current patients can still easily identify their brand.

The brand's style reflects freshness, vibrancy, balance, and trustworthiness, aligning with the values of the clinic led by Medical Director Oliver Weiss.

Primary colors yellow and green symbolize energy, growth, and health, while the circular yellow icon with a leaf signifies unity and natural medicine.

The design emphasizes a holistic approach, addressing physical, mental, and emotional well-being, promoting renewal and vitality.

Tasks for Oliver Weiss Clinic:

1) Logo Design (Primary, Secondary, & Icon)

2) Branding Identity Design & Guide

3) Copywriting Services

4) Graphic Design for prints

The website redesign project for Oliver Weiss Clinic is ongoing.

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