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Prescriber Pharmacy Services

Logo & Branding Identity Design | Web Design & Development in Wix | Graphic Design

Vanessa Thomas, CEO of Prescriber Pharmacy Services, sought out Precilla Designs to breathe life into her vision.

As someone who worked as a nurse, marketing manager, and currently a designer, I empathize on my client's need for impactful designs in the health and wellness industry.

Based in Florida, USA, Prescriber Pharmacy Services pioneers healthcare consulting and telepharmacy with a personalized touch. Their innovative project embraces clean, minimalist design to convey professionalism and medical sterility, revolutionizing patient care.

At Precilla Designs, our mission was clear: to guide Vanessa, bring clarity to her vision, and make her brand shine.

Here's what we accomplished:

1) Crafted Primary, Secondary, and Iconic Logos

2) Developed Branding Identity and Guide

3) Designed Web Prototypes using Adobe XD

4) Created User-friendly Websites on Wix

5) Provided Compelling Copywriting

6) Produced Impactful Graphic Designs for various prints

Choose Precilla Designs for seamless collaboration and transformative results.
Let's bring your brand vision to life, together!

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